Saturday, 7 November 2015

Because we had an hour to spare

Notre-Dame - La Rochepot
The day we were going to see, in this order, Saint-Sernin-du-Bois (museum), Dracy-lès-Couches (church ruins in the middle of nowhere) and Collonge-la-Madeleine (church interior) there was quite a big time slot between the one but last and the last place.

Château - La Rochepot
Waiting for over an hour in the burning sun, or looking for a terrace which are rathe scarce in this area, or trying to find still another church in area where we seemed to have seen everything was no real option. However, when I had a look at the map, I noticed that we were very near the Côte d'Or, and even better, near La Rochepot. And La Rochepot had a church we did not know yet!

And that is how we ended up in La Rochepot, well before 14h00, where we easily found the church which I had only seen once from the high-up Château La Rochepot (well worth a visit as well, by the way). we were lucky; the church was open, and the capitals in the church were well worth the trip.

Balaam and the angel
A number of them tell a story, others have foliage or animal motifs. The church itself is interesting, the inside as well as the outside. And, from the grave yard, one looks up at the very picturesque château. After having visited the church, we were still well in time for our appointment at the mairie in Collonge-la-Madeleine!

Notre-Dame chevet
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